Branch bed / Jan Kochanski

Branch tent Jan Kochański 1 Branch tent Jan Kochański 2

Branch tent Jan Kochański 3b Branch tent Jan Kochański 3 Branch tent Jan Kochański 5 Branch tent Jan Kochański 5b Branch tent Jan Kochański 5c

Branch is a easy to set up suspended tent / bed by product designer Jan Kochański.

Branch doesn’t take a lot of space in your backpack. The user doesn’t have to take extra mattress because the suspension protects from moisture and cold. Setting up the tent takes few seconds. All you need to do is pick up the tree and put the rubber band around the trunk on high that you want to spend night on. The band tied on 225 cm from the ground (average range of hands) gives 50 cm from the bottom of the tent to the ground. After the band is tied up on the tree the base of the tent has to be prepared to suspend. All the construction parts are sew in the material so it’s easier to set it up. After the bed is done the tent has to be suspended on the band.

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