Ville Suspendue / Takis Zenetos

Takis Zenetos 1


Electronic Urbanism, an avant-garde speculative project on town planning and electronics, by Takis Zenetos (1926-1977), the brilliant architect who designed some of the most beautiful buildings in Greece during the 60′s and early 70′s.

The basic idea of Electronic Urbanism, which Zenetos designed, developed and investigated from 1952 to 1974, is the creation of a system with diverse levels and locations for different urban functions, primarily residential, suspended from natural environments (as cantilevers or mountains) and integrated with all communications technologies, that allow wide-ranging connections among people and social groups.

He invented his overhanging cities as mega-constructions in tension that gradually would cover the Earth’s surface, though without stirring it up. The only interference with the ground is the nodal connections in combination with the foundations of the pylons.

Takis Zenetos suspended City ville suspendue 1





Takis Zenetos suspended City ville suspendue 2

The environment. Urban structure coexists with nature. Variation with pneumatic modules (at stage of formation)

Partial plan of a typical sector in the suspended city. The horizontal sections are taken at several typical levels

Takis Zenetos suspended City ville suspendue 4


Takis Zenetos suspended City ville suspendue 3

Zenetos proposes a society where working engines free the humans from boring rituals. To explain this, he wrote,“This free time that will result will give a new dimension to relations between cohabiting individuals, which will be heard by the quiet contemplation of the essence of things…” (source)


Takis Zenetos suspended City ville suspendue 5

Takis Zenetos city

Takis Zenetos 0

Takis Zenetos 2

Takis Zenetos suspended City 3d

A 3D model from Electronic Urbanism project, by Y. Orfanos and D. Papadopoulos in 2003.

“Takis Zenetos was a genuine idealist, contemplating the vision of a new future enlightenment, a period of ultimate universal egalitarianism and progress for the people. In his time, he was understood by very few, while for the majority he was associated with the blurred elusiveness of a myth. Nowadays with this work we are able to conceive him for what he really represents: a prophet not only of his time but also of the century after him.”
Andreas Yakoumatos, Digital visions and Architecture,
Authors: Eleni Kalafati, Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Edilstampa, Athens 2006. (source)

Greek /english link on Takis Zenetos work here

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