F-W ’14 / Comme des Garçons

Amazing floral details from the CDG  F/W 2013/2014 prêt-à-porter (!!) collection, an excercise in the Infinity of Tailoring as the master creator Rei Kawakubo called it.

For the last six multicolored outfits Ms. Kawakubo used the psychedelic patterns of  American artist Daniel Michiels.

Scroll down this post for designs, close ups and full défilé



comme_des_garcons_a.w. 2013 2014 detail2


comme_des_garcons_a.w. 2014 detail

comme_des_garcons_detalles_299437258_683x comme_des_garcons_2013 2014 detail



comme_des_garcons_details a.w.2014

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 3

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 1

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 2 Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 4

comme_des_garcons_details a.w.2014 b

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 9

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 8

Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 6 Dan Michiels rei kawakubo 7

via vogue es + style bubble

Watch full fashion show


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