Quarantine / Robert Gilson

Robert Scott Gilson QUARANTENA 5

Robert Scott Gilson QUARANTENA 1Robert Scott Gilson QUARANTENA 2

Quarantine, SCI-Arc Undergraduate Thesis 2011 by Robert Gilson

Project description: Human ambition has surpassed the carrying capacity of the Earth. Quarantena facilitates the divorce of man from nature by exploiting the technological gap that divides the human from the natural. Q is a system for the isolation of environmental deviance. Q is a detainment network housing 1500+ detainees that cohabitate in 300 pods. Q floats within the uncertain atmosphere and above a mechanized earth..


Robert Scott Gilson QUARANTENA 3 Robert Scott Gilson QUARANTENA 4   Section8.psdInterior13_Flat.psd

via but does it float?

related: Ville Suspendue from Greek architect Takis Zenetos

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