Fashion Victims

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Fashion Victims is an urban action organized by Yolanda Dominguez in the center of Madrid, inspired by the recent tragedy in Bangladesh’s textile factory collapse and focusing on the real victims of the western fashion industry, i.e., infantile exploitation, unchecked contamination, precarious labor conditions a.k.a. slave-work.

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In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher

“So long, so long, you kept me waiting so long, so long, 
Read the epitaph, ring the bell, 
you’ve got a one-way ticket to hell.”

No need to add a word to Chumbawamba’s statement:

Let’s make it clear: This is a cause to celebrate, to party, to stamp the dirt down […] If we must show a little reverence and decorum at this time, then so be it. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of all Margaret Thatcher’s victims.