Virtual Reality Level 5

VR.5 is a region of cyberspace that hobbyist Sydney Bloom (Lori Singer) stumbles into with her homemade VR gear. She discovers by accident that she can draw people into a virtual landscape wherein events can subconsciously affect the person’s waking behavior, and can reveal information that the person may be hiding even from themselves.
Inevitably, she unveils her own childhood’s suppressed memories, and the real action begins.
The series concludes in 13 episodes and was produced in 1995 for Fox network.
The scenes in VR are awfully dated (sadly, this mid 90ies high-tech vision looks more like a cheap 80ies video clip), but the plot is quite addictive and (whatever happened to) Lori Singer is super hot, so it’s ideal for a Sunday – hangover – all day marathon.
Here’s the link to youtube’s full 13 episode playlist.