Voice of Coffee / Yusuke Seki

The interior of a former barber shop turned into “Voice of Coffee” shop in Kobe, Japan by design studio Yusuke Seki

Almost all of the structural elements were left as they were found during the demolition process. As studio’s Mamie Nishida says: “We are not interested in using 100 per cent new materials…Our focus is on the coexistence of past and future in contemporary projects.”

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Photos by Takumi Ota

Heaven and Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris

le neant

cabaret du neant_01

Large, heavy, wooden coffins, resting on biers, were ranged about the room in an order suggesting the recent happening of a frightful catastrophe. The walls were decorated with skulls and bones, skeletons in grotesque attitudes, battle-pictures, and guillotines in action. Death, carnage, assassination were the dominant note, set in black hangings and illuminated with mottoes on death […] Bishop said that he would be pleased with a lowly bock. Mr. Thompkins chose cherries a l’eau-de-vie, and I, une menthe.

SEXPAND”One microbe of Asiatic cholera from the last corpse, one leg of a lively cancer, and one sample of our consumption germ!” moaned the creature toward a black hole at the farther end of the room. Some women among the visitors tittered, others shuddered, and Mr. Thompkins broke out in a cold sweat on his brow, while a curious accompaniment of anger shone in his eyes. Our sleepy pallbearer soon loomed through the darkness with our deadly microbes, and waked the echoes in the hollow casket upon which he set the glasses with a thump.

“Drink, Macchabees!” he wailed: “drink these noxious potions, which contain thvilest and deadliest poisons!”

Bohemian Paris of To-Day”, William Chambers Morrow and Édouard Cucuel, 1899

Paris of the 1890s had several supernatural nightlife options, such as the Cabaret du Néant (“The Cabaret of Nothingness”) and Cabaret de l’Enfer (“The Cabaret of the Inferno”). Right next door to the Cabaret de l’Enfer was Cabaret du Ciel (“The Cabaret of the Sky”).

heaven and hell clubs

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Suspiria de Profundis

964728_591696967537156_567570102_oHorror-themed restaurants, bars and clubs are nothing new, and they’re cropping up all over the world (the H.R. Giger Bar in Switzerland is built on the Alien designer’s creepy biomechanical artwork)
But the owners of Cambiare, a new Italian bar & grill located in Tokyo’s “Golden Gai” district in Shinjuku (a heaven for Tokyo nightlife), have now made their mark with the first club to base their look and design on Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic Suspiria, well-known for its sumptuous sets, innovative lighting and oh so Technicolor blood.

Cambiare just set up their Facebook page this week, so drop by and keep watch for more updates and images.

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Origo Coffee Shop / Lama Arhitectura

Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 11

The Origo Coffee Shop, a 65sqm all-day bar in Bucharest, designed by architects Dan Enache,Calin Radu and Radu Nenita of Lama Arhitectura studio.

Photos by Radu Malasincu

Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 1

Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 4  Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 3


Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 7Origo Coffee Shop Lama Arhitectura Bucharest 10

Origo’s main decoration is an installation of 276 white cups floating above the bar. Part of the bar, which is made of raw metal sheets and wood, can be raised from 80 cm during the day to 110 cm in the evenings. Continue reading “Origo Coffee Shop / Lama Arhitectura”