Death Songs

Imagine is a performance based project of Pedro Reyes that uses the universal medium of music to direct our attention to the madness of gun policies. The musicians participating in concert-like events are using musical instruments constructed by confiscated guns in order to denounce the production and trafficking of guns. In Mexico, where the artist and the guns are from,  the project makes the air heavy, as +60,000 drug-related deaths have occurred in the 6-year tenure of outgoing president Felipe Calderón, who notoriously declared “war on drugs”.

As Reyes said: “I wanted to liberate these objects from their demons rather than perpetuating their association to death. When the instruments are played, it is as if some sort of exorcism is performed on them, and the negativity they inherently posses turns into something positive.”

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grab a bite

Human limbs on sale at Wesker and Son pop-up butchers at London’s Smithfield Market.

The limbs may look eerily realistic but there are actually fashioned from animal meat and the butcher shop is part of a publicity stunt, designed to promote the release of the new video game Resident Evil 6. All the proceeds from the human part sales went to the Limbless Association, a charity for amputees and other people who have lost limbs;  a clever strategy according to WWT which helped the stunt to remain within a ‘politicaly correct’ framework.

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