being together


Are you a financial immigrant? Have you moved out of your country I pursuit of your dreams? Have you ever felt guilty for missing out important familial events back in your home country? Have you ever felt that distance is rupturing your family bonds? Not anymore! New York-based visual artist John Clang ,whose family resides in Singapore, found a clever solution for uniting his and other families: he digitally adjoins relatives in one hi-tech family portrait using a projector and Skype. In that was everybody is happy and present… at least for as long as the picture snap lasts.

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NY Currency

Currency design for New York City by Dave C Frankel.
When held to light, the security watermark is the city’s map in different scales, determined by the denomination of the bill. The bills also change in size according to value.
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Murder is my Business

Weegee, Hold up man killed, November 24, 1941. © Weegee/International Center of Photography.
Weegee′s rubber stamp for signing his pictures

Arthur Fellig a.k.a. Weegee (1899-1968) worked as a press photographer in the Lower East Side of New York City during the 1930s and 1940s. He was the only newspaper reporter with a permit to have a portable police-band shortwave radio while he maintained a complete darkroom in the trunk of his car. Decidedly, Weegee was a self-publishing and self-made one-man-media-show that often beat authorities to the scene.

“Crime was my oyster”
“I was friend and confidant to them all. The bookies, madams,
gamblers, call girls, pimps, con men, burglars and jewel fencers.”

Weegee was “the official photographer for Murder, Inc.”

January 20 – September 2 2012 [at] International Center of Photography

January 20- February 25 2012 [at] Steven Kasher Gallery