from Russia with love #2

6755_634836003212473_200226727_n 984274_634836296545777_1821475853_n 945249_634836006545806_538776358_n 146 512 63237 970027_634836106545796_1330941794_n“Welcome To Sochi 2014” poster series by artist Vasily Slonov (visit full collection here), is cencored in Russia for ridiculing the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi and exposing Vladimir Putin’s continuous violations of human rights.
Putin’s most recent laws include the criminalization of the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” as well as the “provision permitting the government to arrest and detain gay or pro-gay tourists for up to 14 days, before deportation.
Russian LGBT community calls for Boycott of 2014 Olympics .
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with the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play

In order to protest corporate sponsorship of the Olympics, Scottish brewery BrewDog (makers of Viagra beer) created a limited edition IPA which supposedly contains a number of substances that have been banned for athletes competing in the Olympics, including Creatine, Guarana, Lycii Berries, Kola Nut, Gingko, Matcha Tea, Maca Powder and Steroids.

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Black Power

An epic picture showing that even a banal event, fully harnessed to advertisement, consumerism and capitalism- can serve as platform of emancipation. The pictures shows Tommy Smith and John Carlos raising their fists in a Black Power signal , showing support for Muhammed Ali’s anti-Vietnam war stance, against poverty and lynching . Let the Olympic Games begin!