ECO-Cycle / Tokyo


Japanese engineering firm Giken Seisakusho, which specializes in tidal and flood protection systems, created the Eco Cycle Anti-Seismic Underground Bicycle Park where owners can safely park their bikes in just 8 seconds. The buried cylindrical structures are only seven meters wide, but deep enough to safely store up to 200 two-wheel vehicles each.

Check out the following new video by Danny Choo from Culture Japan and a more technical video from Giken Seisakusho

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Around Life is a Body We Are Part Of

ErnestoNeto-EspaceLouisVuitton sketch

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto created four biomorphic installations for –a Mentoring young Artists exhibition w/ guest video artist Evandro Machado, titled- “Madness is Part of Life” at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo.

The main artpiece A vida é um corpo do qual fazemos parte or LIBWPO (Life Is a Body We Are Part Of), made of synthetic strings and plastic balls consists of two parts and visitors are invited to move, sit or lay down in “Zoid aisle up and the ovule living room”.

ErnestoNeto-EspaceLouisVuitton5 ErnestoNeto-EspaceLouisVuitton



Neto describes his work with the following: “It is a sculpture to be experienced. We also have the idea to lift people up close to the glass building in such a way that would cause them to experience some vertigo, or at least deal with the feeling of floating in the “Sky”. The piece is a work which deals with stability – how we move, desire and fear.”

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