Yuko Shimizu #2

Yuko Shimizu spring_snow cover


Selected projects by New York -based, Japanese -born illustrator Yuko Shimizu; first image the cover for Yukio Mishima’s book, Spring Snow.

Artist’s personal work previously feat. here.


Yuko Shimizu tenguTengu, one from the six yokai (Japanese mythical creature) for  Discovery Channel mag


Yuko Shimizu micro plan surveyOpener image for PlanAdviser’s Micro Plan survey 2013 to illustrate the dynamish of small numbers


Yuko Shimizu unwritten 44Cover for DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten issue No. 44


Yuko Shimizu unwritten 45Cover for DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten issue No. 45


Yuko Shimizu swimming_in_fearSwimming in Fear page spread for Scrubs Magazine, a magazine for nurses


Yuko Shimizu 1Spread from The ABCs of Contemporary Creatives alphabet book. The alphabet I illustrated is “Y for You”


Yuko Shimizu new york times New York Times Book Review cover for Chinese writer Mo Yan


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Yuko Shimizu

Illustrations by -New York based- Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu.

Yuko draws her basic forms and figures with calligraphy brushes and digitally supplements them with additional colors and backgrounds.

Yuko Shimizu has won numerous international awards and has done commissioned work for the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Playboy, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, Microsoft, Pepsi, VISA, MTV, and the New York Times.

Please check artist site for more